Research Unit in Behaviour & Social Issues


Public Health Innovation and Research in Europe

RUBSI prepared last year a report on the second Phase of the PHIRE report as a member of the European Public Health Association

Families and Adolescents Against Smoking - A CII project

The euFAQT Programme on Families and Adolescents Against Smoking was carried out by the Cyprus Institute for Environmental and Public Health. RUBSI was a partner

Survey: Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of immigrants and foreigners from third countries on HIV / AIDS and sexual reproductive health

The program investigates the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions amongst immigrants, foreign students and foreign workers living in Cyprus on HIV / AIDS

Study on the identification and preparation of the National Strategy for Electronic Integration in Cyprus.

The project aims to produce a National Strategy and Action Plans for the development of Electronic Inclusion in Cyprus, which relates to the use and availability of Internet, broadband coverage, Digital Literacy, Electronic Accessibility, Information Technologies and Communications in relation to Aging, to people at risk of exclusion and to improving their quality of life.

Strengthening Engagement in Public Health Research

STEPS brings together civil society organisations, researchers and national ministries to improve public health research in Europe. It is a collaborative study undertaken with financial support from the European Commission 7th Framework Science in Society programme.


A European Network to Promote HPV Vaccination, to Study HPV Awareness in the New EU Member States and to Face Cervical Cancer by a Prevention Campaign

Designing a Multisectorial Network for prevention of HIV/AIDS Amongst Men Having Sex With Men (MSM)

The Everywhere Project aims to develop and validate an innovative and culturally adapted European model of HIV prevention targeting Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) for use in cities across Europe

Promote Vaccinations among Migrant Populations in Europe

The general objective of this project is to promote immunizations among migrant populations in Europe

Project on Beliefs and practices related to breast self-examination among a sample of young Cypriot and Egyptian Women

The project is under the Cyprus-Egypt bilateral agreement on research and is funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation

Research funded by RPF "Cancer in Cyprus and its Psychosocial Aspects"

The project is based on questionnaires administered to people suffering with cancer and use the services of the Oncology Center in Nicosia.

The Psychological and Social Needs of People with HIV/AIDS in Cyprus

The research on the Psychological and Social Needs of People with HIV/AIDS began in December 20005 and was completed in October 2007.

Educational Campaign on HIV/AIDS Preventive Measures

The research project began in April 2007 and was completed in August 2008

The Psychological and Social Aspects of Diabetes Mellitus

The research on the “Psychological and Social Aspects of Diabetes Mellitus in Cyprus” began in September 2005 and was completed in September 2007

The Social Aspects of Ageing in Cyprus

The research project for the Social Problems of Ageing in Cyprus began in January 2007 and was completed in November 2009.

Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary Cyprus

Policy and Practice: Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary Cyprus